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Holland DeKeyzer a Texas-Tough, Texas-Made wrongful death/serious injury lawyer

Holland DeKeyzer is a Houston and Alvin personal injury attorney. Meagan and Holland DeKeyzer created their firm to enforce Texans’ God-given rights and obtain Texas-size justice for clients. Holland DeKeyzer earned his reputation in the legal community by representing ordinary Texans through extraordinary life-changing events when his clients needed a David to stand up against the Goliaths of big business, big insurance, and big government. The firm’s mission is to be the voice for the people and protect those who cannot defend themselves.

Meagan and Holland are a husband-wife attorney team, born and raised in the greatest city of the greatest state of the greatest country—Houston, Texas U.S.A. Their connection to the community is deep and permanent. Holland and Meagan are permanent Houston area residents and are raising their four children here. Meagan and Holland met in law school and immediately bonded over their shared childhood experiences and shared vision of their future. Meagan and Holland were raised in poverty in southwest Houston, worked hard through education, and achieved the American dream. Their life lessons prepared them for the legal battles they now face against the Goliaths of big business, big insurance, and big government.

With nearly twenty years of litigation experience, Meagan and Holland have the legal expertise, offer candid advice, and develop practical solutions to achieve success in the most difficult, challenging cases. Holland DeKeyzer focuses his practice on personal injury litigation and protecting God-given rights articulated in the U.S. Constitution. Meagan DeKeyzer has a more diverse legal practice with cases ranging from personal injury and civil business disputes to family law and probate matters. Meagan and Holland are always willing to accept a just and righteous case. They offer free short telephone consultations, so call today.




Born and raised in Houston, Texas

Meagan and Holland grew up in high-crime, low-income communities in Southwest Houston. Growing up in a tough environment allowed them to develop the tenacity and street-smarts needed to win tough legal battles when the odds are against you. These experiences also give them insight into the everyday lives of most of their clients, which is necessary to tell the client’s story. Because they struggled, they successfully advocate their client’s struggles in the courtroom.


DeKeyzer Law was founded with the belief that clients deserve efficient results through aggressive, creative representation and excellent client communication. Big law firms with fancy-suit lawyers fail to offer efficiency and customer satisfaction in a fast-changing world because of bureaucracies and an inability to be creative. Our aggressive approach to legal disputes puts our adversaries, which are typically big law firms, in retreat. We are able to capitalize on their weaknesses as they scramble to communicate through their bureaucracies and obtain authority to react. Our actions are decisive and effective because our chain of command is one-on-one—attorney to client.


Running a boutique litigation firm is not all we do. As lifetime Houstonians, we are deeply connected and invested in the community. We are involved by donating our finances and time to local organizations that promote education to underprivileged communities, promote Texans’ fundamental freedoms, and promote economic opportunities at the local level. Meagan and Holland are members of Living Stones Church, Holland coaches their children's youth soccer team, and Meagan volunteers with the Houston Bar Association by speaking at public schools to promote power through education.


In a world where social media and big tech have the power to amplify some voices yet silence other voices, it is critical to have an advocate that knows how to be heard. Big business, big insurance, and big government all too often use the power of social media and big tech to manipulate a narrative to their financial advantage. Most ordinary Texans do not have the power of social media and big tech. Holland DeKeyzer is a fearless Texas trial lawyer with the ability to neutralize the power of big business, big insurance, and big government. Holland DeKeyzer has the experience, resources, and knowledge necessary to bring the “bigs” to their knees and get you the justice you deserve.


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The wrongful death of a loved one creates grief, confusion, and anger. Hiring Texas wrongful death lawyer Holland DeKeyzer allows your family to focus on properly grieving and celebrating the life of a family member killed in a negligent action. The most common type of wrongful death occurs during the majority of motor vehicle crashes. Other common wrongful deaths occur at work sites, medical malpractice, construction sites, oil rigs, pool parties, and defect products. Wrongful death claims have unique laws that require a Texas wrongful death lawyer like Holland DeKeyzer because he has the knowledge and experience to maximize your family’s recovery.

What is the next step after you or a family member has been seriously or permanently injured? You should call Holland DeKeyzer, who has eight years of experience litigating and recovering millions of dollars for injury victims. You must act fast and decisively. That is where Holland’s experience can help to protect your rights and assist you in obtaining medical care. The weeks and months after a catastrophic injury event are critical to a successful recovery. That is why big insurance companies slow play their responses and sow confusion during this critical period because it benefits them—not you. Texas law states you deserve financial compensation to help fix those problems and make life easier after a serious injury. Alvin personal injury attorney Holland DeKeyzer has dedicated his career to recovering fair compensation for injury victims so the victims and their families can move forward after catastrophic injuries.

Did you suffer a serious injury in a truck or vehicle crash? Injuries can be severe and permanent by changing your everyday life forever. That is where Holland DeKeyzer works tirelessly to protect your rights and maximize your financial recovery. Most TV lawyers do not perform the actual work on their injury cases. But Holland DeKeyzer is hands-on with his cases by actually performing the important work. This allows Holland DeKeyzer to identify important facts that get his clients the maximum compensation that the law will allow. Trust Holland DeKeyzer—don’t trust a TV or billboard lawyer.

Constitutional protections are God-given rights that our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to protect. Our constitutional rights have created the freest and prosperous country in the world. Fundamental freedoms and equality are the foundations that created the U.S. Constitution and, specifically, the Bill of Rights. Constitutional violations occur when government actions are inconsistent with these fundamental freedoms and ideas of equality. A Constitutional lawyer protects freedom of speech (section 230) and expression; privacy and defamation, equal protection and discrimination; and unreasonable search and seizure protection.

When parties enter into a business relationship but then one party refuses to perform agreed-upon obligations or betrays the trust of the other parties, this can create a business tort. Common business torts include failing to perform contractual obligations, partners misappropriating business assets and funds, or disputes between competing businesses over assets, opportunities, or consumers. Business tort remedies range from money damages, specific asset relief, or injunctive action. Holland DeKeyzer combines his trial litigation experience with his first career as Certified Public Accountant to make him uniquely situated to represent clients during business disputes. Additionally, most business disputes are resolved through negotiations, and Holland has vast experience in high-stakes negotiations.

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"Wrote this review on behalf of my mom but, yeah can we get an option to give more stars. Because with this lawyer we would truly love to give him more stars for his professionalism, responsive, advice, helpfulness, and a real awesome lawyer to work with. Very glad to have met him and would recommend him 100%."

- Hugo Aviles

"To be truthful, we had given up on getting any kind of satisfaction or help on our accident case. Then, DeKeyzer Law Firm took over and things started to happen. Every time that we spoke on the phone, Mr. DeKeyzer was positive, respectful, and very professional. Now, our case is settled. I'm very happy with the results. I hope I never need a personal injury attorney again. But if I do, I'm making only one phone call. Thank you sir and thanks to your team."

- Ralph Nickerson

"Looked on Google and noticed the good reviews, called in and DeKeyzer himself answered the call, shortly after I understood why the other good reviews. He was really understanding and listened to me in full giving me advices on what to do as next steps, considered the case he didn't think his service was needed and that I could manage without issues, still if needed I bet he was going to be a huge help. Definitely worth chatting with him and listening to his advices."

- Michele Del Zoppo

"Only lawyer you’ll need. He’s great, I didn’t have to chase after him with questions. He came to me when he had big news about my case. He’s a great guy all around professionally and as a person."

- Kevin Gutierrez



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