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Holland DeKeyzer was named Houston’s Top Lawyer in 2015 primarily for his success in handling challenging and complicated 18-wheeler commercial truck crashes. Because of the many nuances and regulations that apply to big commercial trucks, victims of these truck crashes need a smart, relentless Texas trial lawyer to maximize the victims’ financial recovery. 

Big commercial trucks cause serious injuries and fatal crashes by not following public safety rules. The average passenger vehicle weighs just over 4,000 pounds, but fully-loaded commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. As a result, the driver and passengers in the average car or even small truck are more than likely to suffer serious injuries or even death. If you’ve been the victim of a motor vehicle-commercial truck accident, an experienced Alvin truck accident attorney at DeKeyzer Law, PLLC, can help. Contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation with Holland DeKeyzer. Remember, insurance companies are like any other business. They’re in the business to make money, and they know that denying or delaying claims, or offering undervalued settlements, is the best way to do that.

Types of Truck Accidents in Texas

Large commercial trucks operate 24/7 on roads throughout America, and many of these big rig drivers are under intense pressure to deliver their loads on time and with minimal cost. These pressures force many 18-wheeler companies to cut corners and operate their trucks in unsafe manners, increasing the risk of harm to ordinary families. Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

  • Jackknife Accidents. When a large commercial truck skid on the roadway and the trailer swings out to form a 90-degree angle with the truck, this is known as a “jackknife” accident. As a result, the truck driver may lose control on a slick surface, stop quickly because of traffic, go into a turn too quickly, or simply just speed.
  • Underride Collisions. When a smaller vehicle crashes into the rear or side of a commercial truck, and the smaller vehicle gets stuck underneath the trailer, this is known as an underride collision. These are particularly devastating, as the more minor vehicle occupants rarely survive and are usually severely injured even if they do survive.
  • Rear-End Crashes. Rear-end truck crashes tend to be much more severe than rear-end passenger vehicle crashes. The massive force of a heavy truck smashing into the rear end of a typical passenger vehicle often leads to catastrophic injuries or death. The cause of rear-end accidents can often be attributed to a distracted truck driver, who may be impaired by drugs or alcohol or simply fatigued. When a truck driver is behind schedule, the driver may speed, follow another vehicle too closely, or otherwise drive recklessly.
  • Defective Equipment or Maintenance. All vehicles should be subject to routine maintenance. However, large commercial trucks are subject to federal and state laws that require them to be inspected and maintained regularly. In addition, commercial trucks are more mechanically complicated than most other vehicles, so legally regulated maintenance and repairs make perfect sense. If a truck is not up to date, it could lead to a malfunction on the road that causes a serious accident. 

Truck Accident Liability in Texas

One of the complicating factors regarding accidents involving large commercial trucks is the number of people or entities that may share fault for these accidents, including:

  • Trucking Companies. Trucking companies have an obligation to ensure that their drivers are adequately trained and qualified and that their trucks are safe. When trucking companies fail to ensure and verify that their drivers are properly trained and that their trucks are safe for long-distance hauling, they may be held responsible for any accidents resulting from such negligence.
  • Insurance Companies. Trucking companies are subject to specific laws, rules, and regulations concerning everything from insurance to inspections. As a result, it can be difficult and time-consuming to sort out what insurance coverage a truck, trucking company, or third party must-have. Still, failure to do so may result in liability for an accident. 
  • Third-Party Contractors. Most trucking companies use a variety of third-party contractors to handle everything from inspections and maintenance to driving. Although the purpose for this may be, to some extent, the cost, but in reality, this may also be to shield themselves from liability.
  • Drivers. Truck drivers are sometimes solely responsible for the negligence that caused the 18-wheeler crash. Sometimes big corporations try to shift the blame to the truck driver by claiming the driver is an independent contractor rather than an employee. This independent contractor status sometimes prevents the transportation company’s financial liability. 

Commercial truck crashes are not your normal auto accident cases because the injuries are generally much more serious, the federal regulations are complex, and there is a greater financial risk/reward analysis involved. These additional factors require a big rig trial attorney like Holland DeKeyzer with a proven record of success and a passion for fighting the big corporations that put profits over people.    

How An Alvin Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Most people tend to avoid going to court for anything. The legal process can be complex, time-consuming, and intimidating. As a result, many people involved in an accident with a commercial truck are tempted to simply accept a low-ball insurance settlement, especially with the lure of instant cash. After all, the sheer power of the forces aligned against the victim is specifically designed to frighten people into submission. Adding to the temptation may be a reluctance to hire an attorney to fight for their rights, especially if they believe they simply can’t afford one.

Trial attorney Holland DeKeyzer will never ask you to pay him any out-of-pocket fees or expenses. Holland is an experienced Texas truck accident attorney and accepts cases on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay him if you get paid. Call Holland DeKeyzer and see how he can help.

First, even if you don’t go to court, an Alvin truck accident lawyer at DeKeyzer Law, PLLC, can and will help you navigate the complex claims process with any insurance company involved. We will collect the evidence you will need to support your claim, handle any communications, fight for your rights, negotiate a favorable settlement or go to trial on your behalf. 

Second, it’s difficult to know whether you should file a legal claim at the outset. You may not even be aware of what your medical expenses might be, as many injuries are not symptomatic until days, weeks, or even months after the accident. Commonly, any decision to go to court is made after all other options, including settlement, have failed.

Contact an Alvin Truck Accident Attorney for Help If You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident

Holland DeKeyzer is a skilled Texas trial lawyer who will prosecute any legal action necessary to ensure you receive all of the compensation you deserve if your claim cannot be settled favorably. Remember, despite all of their posturing, insurance companies hate to go to court. We will handle all of your insurance and legal claims so that you can focus on your recovery. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced attorneys if you were injured in a truck accident in Harris County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, or anywhere in Texas.