Upon receiving his Texas law license, Holland began soliciting problematic and complex personal injury cases from other lawyers. Litigating difficult cases has made Holland a fierce and effective trial lawyer. Holland first-chaired his first jury trial a few months after obtaining his law license. Since then, he has tried multiple personal injury trials to verdict. Through trial verdicts and settlements, Holland has recovered millions for injury victims and has paid out nearly two million dollars in attorney referral fees in his first decade of practice.

Holland has handled hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death claims many of which have been referrals from other attorneys. Due to his reputation, Holland has also joint-ventured with lawyers and mentored others in select cases. Holland understands that personal injury lawyers must collaborate and coalesce against multibillion dollar companies as a rising tide lifts all boats. Moreover, Holland is a former Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) and has superior cash-flow management skills which are essential in plaintiffs’ litigation. Contact Holland if you wish to discuss a referral case or wish to collaborate on a joint-venture matter.      

Additionally, Meagan and Holland have selected numerous juries. The cases ranged from ordinary car wreck cases to a multi-million-dollar rape case. Getting the venire to discuss potential bias and prejudice is not enough for a judge to grant your motion to strike for cause. Many lawyers fail to get strikes for cause because the lawyer cannot obtain the required statement from the venire member.  Holland has a talent at disarming venire panels and encouraging members to freely discuss their bias, prejudice, and inabilities to fairly consider the trial evidence regardless of the law and judge’s instructions. Meagan has formally studied various types of communication and has an innate gift at interpreting nonverbal cues and body language. During law school, she also had the privilege of taking the only semester-long voir dire course offered in the nation. Meagan and Holland are available for jury consulting and jury strategy for civil voir dires.