5 Reasons to Hire DeKeyzer Law for your Injury Case

18.06.2024 General

Top Five Reasons To Hire Alvin Personal Injury Lawyers at DeKeyzer Law PLLC.

  1. Experience Leads to Results: Texas injury lawyer Holland DeKeyzer has been lead counsel on hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting in successful jury verdicts, mediation awards, and negotiated settlements. DeKeyzer Law as recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injury and wrongful death victims since opening in 2014. At the inception of DeKeyzer Law, Holland DeKeyzer accepted challenging and difficult cases from other personal injury lawyers that required dedication, creativity, and compassion to generate favorable outcomes for the clients. This experience has led to DeKeyzer Law representing injury and wrongful death victims in all manner of accidents/cases including, tractor trailers, commercial vans, chartered vacation buses, railroad/trains, bar fights, dog bites, driving while intoxicated, personal auto vehicle, medical/dentist, farming and ranch activity, apartment complexes, grocery stores, and many other civil tort situations.


  1. Motivated to Win: One cornerstone of the American Court System is its adversarial process. This process requires parties to investigate the truth, research and understand the law, and formulate intelligent arguments in the face of opposition to convince the judge or jury that your side is the winner. Lead attorney Holland DeKeyzer has an intensely competitive spirit which is advantageous in litigation. Insurance companies and big businesses usually have more resources and attorneys to fight against injury and wrongful death victims. However, when you hire DeKeyzer Law we guarantee that we will out work, out hustle, and be motivated to win because we believe in the cases that we accept.   


  1. We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid: DeKeyzer Law accepts injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency basis. This means DeKeyzer Law receives a percentage of the total financial recovery once the money is received and the client never pays money out of pocket. DeKeyzer Law will never ask the client for money during injury and wrongful death cases. In fact, DeKeyzer Law pays for all the case expenses including investigative costs, litigation costs, and other ancillary costs. Case expenses can range from a few thousand dollars on smaller cases to hundreds of thousands on complex million-dollar cases. The contingency agreement aligns the attorney and client’s financial interest but also puts the financial risk exclusively on the attorney.   


  1. Communication: DeKeyzer Law understands the importance of communicating with the client about the case. Lead attorney Holland DeKeyzer will always find time to speak with clients directly and has the ability to explain complicated legal issues to clients.


  1. Big City Experience with Small-Town Service: DeKeyzer Law has its primary office located in Alvin, Texas in a convenient location, but we still keep a presence in Houston, Texas. The injury lawyers at DeKeyzer Law have significant experience with big city lawyers and court systems which operate at a fast pace and are unforgiving. If you hire DeKeyzer Law, you will get the benefit of our big city experience along with the charm of our small-town service.


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