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Houston Area Personal Injury Lawyers    

Holland D. DeKeyzer is dedicated to the people of the Houston area. He was raised here. He is raising his family here. He is a proud and active member of the community. His connection to the community is one of the reasons he is so passionate about fighting to protect the community. He protects the community by fighting insurance companies and big corporations on behalf of injured victims and their families in the pursuit of justice. Click here to learn more about injury claims and lawsuits.

Meagan M. DeKeyzer began her legal career as a family law attorney before joining Holland DeKeyzer to focus on personal injury claims and lawsuits. Meagan successfully negotiated many contentious divorces and child custody battles as a family law attorney. She now uses her superior negotiating skills to obtain Texas-Size Justice when negotiating with insurance companies to obtain compensation on behalf of injured Texans.  

Recent Texas-Size Results

  • March 2017, 87 year old man falls out of his wheel chair and suffers fatal neck injury while being transported to a routine doctor's appointment. Holland DeKeyzer obtained $725,000.00 on behalf of the ten-member family. The Texas-Size Justice was obtained without filing a lawsuit.   

  • February 2017, Houston Car Wreck Lawyer Holland DeKeyzer recovered another large settlement on behalf of his client. The wreck happened in March 2016 and Holland helped the client get his life back and put $52,607.00 in the client's pocket. 

  • ​October 2016, Elderly couple seriously injured when their car was rear ended by a careless driver. Insurance company initially denied the claim. The first lawyer referred the case to Houston Car Wreck Lawyer Holland DeKeyzer and Holland made the insurance pay the entire policy amount. Clients received $99,997.00 dollars in their pocket.

  • October 2016, female passenger injured in her car when her drunk boyfriend crashed the car. Holland forced the insurance company to pay the entire policy amount and put $57,500.00 dollars in the client's pocket.   

  • September 2016, Man injured at a movie theater when his chair broke. Another lawyer referred Holland the case. Holland discovered damaging documents that proved the movie theater had a policy of keeping broken chairs--even calling them Frankenstein chairs. The movie theater settled the case and Holland put $100,488.31 dollars in the client's pocket.

  • August 2016, Man injured in a motor vehicle collision. The first lawyer was unable to force the insurance company to pay a reasonable settlement. The lawyer referred the case to Holland DeKeyzer and Holland got the insurance company to pay the full policy amount. 

  • January 2016, Man has heart attack and then his health insurance company refused to pay for the heart surgery and related medical care. Holland filed a lawsuit and the insurance company paid for all the medical expenses and Holland was still able to put $60,000.00 dollars in the client's pocket.